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Margaret Cavendish Bibliography Initiative (MCBI)

Compiled in 2012 by BYU Graduate Students

In the Fall of 2012, a group of BYU Graduate Students in English helped to found The Margaret Cavendish Bibliography Initiative as part of an assignment. The founding members of MCBI, whose work gathering and checking citations is included here, are Dan Giullian, Lauran Fuller, Sari Carter, Hillary Gamblin, Kelsey Smith, Laura Marostica, Rachel Payne, Rosee Hadden, and Patria Wright.

This is an initial foray, not a finished project. We encourage scholars in Cavendish studies to forward additional bibliographic items to Brandie Siegfried or James Fitzmaurice.

This bibliography has some intentional redundancy. Articles and books are listed by category, and some works are listed in more than one category.

Margaret Cavendish Bibliography

Compiled by Professor James Fitzmaurice

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