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ANNOUNCEMENT: SYLVIA BOWERBANK AWARD COMPETITION for the best paper presented at Cavendish XI in Cyprus in 2015 DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS: 25 May 2017

Maximum length: 4000 words

To all participants who presented papers at Cavendish XI, Cyprus, 2015: We invite submissions for the Cyprus competition (=best paper given at Cyprus in 2015) with a deadline for submissions of 25 May 2017. Papers can be submitted exactly as they were delivered. Alternatively, you may wish to correct errors or polish the style. In either case, text should be limited to 4000 words. If your paper is published or in the press, simply cut it down to 4000 words and submit. Criteria for the prize are listed below. Our most important criterion is merit, so we urge scholars at ALL stages of their careers to submit papers. The winner will receive $150 USD. Any close runner-up will receive an honorable mention and a signed copy of my new edition of Cavendish's *Blazing World* (2016). The winner(s) will be announced at our next meeting in June 2017. All those who read papers at Cavendish XI, held in Cyprus in 2015, are eligible to apply. Criteria for the award are as follows: 1. Originality and significance: is what is being claimed both new and important? 2. Structure and scholarship: does the paper make its points in a clear and convincing way? Is it logically consistent? Is the research accurate and thorough? 3. Felicity of prose: is the paper clearly and carefully written in a way that advances the progress of the argument? Is the paper free of unnecessary jargon? Papers should be about 3500 to 4000 words, limited to 4000 words of text. Attached files should be sent by email to Sara Mendelson

We look forward to reading your submissions. With very best wishes, Sara Mendelson (on behalf of the MCS Awards committee)

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