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The Online Olios: Women Writing Skin, October 2, 2021

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

Esteemed Cavendish Colleagues,

We are delighted to announce that the second annual Online Olios webinar series will take place this October 2021. We invite you to participate and to share widely!

We have a great line-up! Registration can be found on Digital Cavendish here:

Saturday: 10/2 from 11am-1pm ET

Skin scholarship has experienced a major boom in early modern studies over the last decade. However, too often the primary material in question consists of male authors writing about female skin. This panel addresses this imbalance, exploring presentations of skin by female authors: Amelia Lanyer, Mary Wroth, and Hester Pulter. We wish to see how the female skin begins to be gradually rehabilitated and reclaimed as sensitive, alive, and embodied by women writers whose poetry testifies to the other, too-often-unheard voices of early modern skin, as they authoritatively make the textual surface right the wrongs done to the corporeal one.

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