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Women's History Month: Panel Discussion and online reading of The Convent of Pleasure

For more information and to register:

We're celebrating with two events about early modern poet, playwright, and polymath MARGARET CAVENDISH.

We invite you to join us next Monday night, March 7, for an interactive panel discussion about Cavendish

Online PANEL DISCUSSION THE CLOSET OR THE STAGE? A Conversation about Margaret Cavendish’s The Convent of Pleasure THIS MONDAY, March 7, 2022 7:30 PM EST | ZOOM Presented in partnership with the R/18 Collective.

Four experts on early modern British literature, theater and culture–Misty G. Anderson, Liza Blake, Julie Crawford, and Kristina Straub–discuss Margaret Cavendish, the 17th-century polymath and aristocrat who wrote, among many other things, the closet drama, The Convent of Pleasure. Who was Cavendish and why did she not intend her brilliantly theatrical play for the stage? What is the relationship between the often woman-authored and performed household and court entertainments with which Cavendish was familiar, and the highly successful plays women (including Aphra Behn and Susanna Centlivre) wrote for the commercial stage in the years immediately following a period of political revolution? How might theater makers use our understanding of Cavendish’s work to imagine new staged futures for her drama, as well as for those plays by women that appeared on stage during her lifetime?

On Monday, March 14 for an online reading of her closet drama THE CONVENT OF PLEASURE.

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