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Video of the dress rehearsal of Margaret Cavendish, Virginia Woolf, and the Cypriot Goddess Natura

The play was performed at the CVAR Museum for the Othello's Island Conference on 8 April 2017 in Nicosia Cyprus.  The dress rehearsal was on 7 April 2016.

Actors were students from the University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University:

Virginia Woolf and Female Barista - Jess Hakin.  

Constantijn Huygens and Male Barista - Tom Cable. 

Margaret Cavendish - Lucy Morehen. 

Beatrix de Cusance and Joan - Morgan Reilly 

Elizabeth Topp, Mary Evelyn, and Melissa - Emilie Philpott.  

John Evelyn and Cafe Customer - Jessica Brown.  


Henry Bell, Lecturer in performance at Sheffield Hallam University, Director. 

Jim Fitzmaurice, Northern Arizona University and the University of Sheffield, and Michael Paraskos, Imperial College, London, Producers.  Script by Jim Fitzmaurice. 

Video camera work by Yiangos Studios.

Video Editing by Kalia Christou, University of Cyprus. 

Sound Editing by Stephen Fitzmaurice.  


Financial support from the University of Sheffield Foundation, the Department of Performance at Sheffield Hallam University, and the Othello's Island Conference.  Special thanks to Rita Severis of the CVAR Museum.  

Margaret Cavendish Audio\Visual Resources:

Women Dramatists 1550-1670: Plays in Performance:

In this teaching video, which demonstrably refutes the notion that plays written by women of this period were 'unperformed, not intended for performance and unperformable', Alison Findlay (Lancaster University), Stephanie Hodgson-Wright (University of Sunderland) and Gweno Williams (University College of Ripon and York St. John) introduce and discuss extracts from performances of four plays by women writers:


  • Stephanie Hodgson-Wright on her 1994 production of The Tragedy of Mariam (1613) by Elizabeth Cary

  • Alison Findlay on her 1994 production of The Concealed Fancies (c. 1645) by Jane Cavendish and Elizabeth Brackley (directed with Jane Milling, University of Exeter)

  • Gweno Williams on her 1995 production of central scenes from The Convent of Pleasure (1668) by Margaret Cavendish (directed by Bill Pinner, University College of Ripon and York St. John)

  • Stephanie Hodgson-Wright on her 1997 production of Iphigenia at Aulis (c. 1554) by Jane Lumley

Radio Interview: Erna Kelly

"Spectrum West", WHWC: Wisconsin NPR Radio, USA (9 March 2000)

Radio Interview: Susannah Quinsee

"The Secret Life of Poetry", BBC Radio 4, UK (30 April 2000)

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contributed by Lisa Hopkins

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